Mountain Pears

At Johnson Family Ranch, Inc. we are growing some great looking pears and harvest is here. We are packing Bartlett pears from the Upper Sacramento Valley in July and will quickly transition into Mountain Bartletts, Stark Crimsons and Boscs.

We will be loading our “Eagle Peak” Pears in Stockton and Kingsburg for your convenience.  Please give Steve Johnson a call for more information at the office at (707) 462-7910 or on his cell at (707) 489-7781.

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More on our Pears

Johnson Family Ranch, Inc. grows Bartlett pears, Red Sensation, Stark Crimson and Bosc in volume. On a smaller scale we grow Haley’s Red and a few Asian pear varieties.

Our pears will be packed to the highest standard as “California Premium”— this grade has half the defects of the U.S. No. 1 grade standard.  We have been farming in Mendocino County for five generations and have also adopted sustainable practices for the benefit of the environment, our business, products, employees and community.

We use 3rd party certified Fish Friendly Farming techniques to grow our crops in accordance with the best management practices in the agricultural industry for the protection of fish and wildlife.  We are also part of the award winning Ukiah Valley Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management Program that uses pheromone confusion to reduce the reproduction of pests by natural methods.

In fact, some of our orchards are over 100 years old and still producing outstanding pears.

The fine art of growing great pears has been passed down through the generations, and our strong commitment to top quality is quite apparent in our Eagle Peak pack.

We grow and pack pears for fresh eating and canning.

We often sell directly to consumers during the season and invite people to pick up boxes of pears right at our packing house across the street from our office.

Pear Packing

In 1991, the Johnson family began packing its pears under the “Eagle Peak” label. Today, we personally grow, pack, market and ship our own fruit, thus ensuring premium quality throughout the process.

Pears can be a delicate fruit and we make every effort to safeguard them from bruising and other defects, by hand picking, hand sorting and hand packing or volume filling each and every box.

We specialize in tight fill and hand wrapped boxes. We are now the only packing house in Mendocino County packing hand wrapped boxes of Mountain Bartlett pears.

Our pears are available in the following packs:

  • 36 lb. Volume Tight Fill Box
  • 40 lb. Hand Wrap Box
  • 22 lb. Hand Wrap Box

We can also custom pack our pears just the way you want them!

Pear Storage

We store our pears in Stockton and Kingsburg, California for trucking convenience, with easy access right off the freeway.

More photos of our pear operation …